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Bear Pawz Massage Therapy LLC is committed to offering a great deal on our massage sessions.

While your massage can be specified towards one of the available styles (Thai, Deep Tissue, Swedish), our recommended style is the Bear Pawz Massage, that combines and customizes a variety of modalities as needed.

The add-ons that can be included at no extra charge:

- Aromatherapy (Essential oils)

- Acupressure Pen

- Theragun Elite

- Hot Herbal Compresses (Thai)

Our all-inclusive price comes out to

$80 an Hour


$110 for 90 Minutes

For all massage treatments and add-ons! (except Traditional Thai)

We hope to offer package deals on multiple sessions in the upcoming weeks, stay posted!

EDIT: As of 5/10/2023, the following add-ons now incur an extra charge

Cupping ($10)

Gua Sha/IASTM ($15)

Hot Stones ($20)

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Our second short feature on different massage styles. This article will cover Deep Tissue massage.

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue is a highly sought after form of massage featuring high pressure techniques. Using a lighter lubrication such as lotion as opposed to the abundant use of lubrication in swedish. Less focused on the gliding effleurage strokes of swedish, Deep tissue techniques use just enough to reduce skin friction. Deep tissue is ultimately a vague term, as practitioners of massage use a mixture of swedish and deep tissue in most sessions. A swedish massage can be practiced at a firm and deep level too.

Some specific techniques under the deep tissue umbrella are Myofascial release (MFR) and Trigger point therapy. A myofascial release stroke involves deep and wide pressure over an anatomical region, carried out and sustained in order to stretch open the myofascial webbing that surrounds muscles. Trigger point therapy is a localized pressure onto a small point, as if pushing the button in a muscle or on a nerve that causes a network change in surrounding tissues. A trigger point may be a myofascial adhesion or "knot" in the fascia of a muscle, or an area that of an effect between several knots. The technique is similar in application to acupressure, but directed at anatomical structures as opposed to points on an energy meridian.

Whatever the reason for the effect, the relaxation from the experience of heavy pressure is comforting, and it tends to reduce muscle pain and assist in recovery from functional injury. It is one of the most requested forms of massage therapy.

You might wonder whether a deep tissue massage will hurt. There may be an image from a movie or television show where the character getting massaged screams and yells in discomfort while receiving a massage. A good massage therapist will be able to work at your boundary of comfort, getting to the deepest level that is right for you. A well done deep tissue massage should not cause any great pain. It is for this reason that Deep tissue is usually combined with softer strokes, getting a client used to the practitioners touch and preparing the body to receive heavy pressure.

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Updated: Jan 11

If you are looking into receiving massage therapy, the question may arise about what massage style is right for you. In this post I will provide a short explanation of Swedish massage. More to come in the future.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is a commonly recognized massage style that is known for being more oily/lubricated. It consists of five different types of strokes used in combination. The first is effluerage, long gliding strokes that cover the surface area of the receiver. Next is petrissage, a plucking and pulling motion of muscle away from bones. There is also tapotement, or percussion, performed by tapping or chopping at the body, as well as shaking or vibrating the body. Friction is a a pressure applied with or across fibers of muscles to break up adhesions. Last is compression, where consistent pressure is held down over a region.

Swedish massage can be stimulating, having an action on the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the nervous system. It doesn't have as deep a pressure as Deep Tissue massage and may be preferred if sensitive to pain. If you live in a dry climate and experience dry skin Swedish massage can provide healthy moisture. It is also suggested to have benefits to circulation, injury recovery, chronic pain (especially in the back), and perhaps lymphatic drainage. Swedish massage can be a great and relaxing way to first experience massage therapy.

At Bear Pawz Massage Therapy LLC we use Swedish massage techniques as well as other styles in our signature massage style.

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