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Why get a massage?

For what reason might one seek out massage? A common one i've heard is that people want to relax, reduce stress. Another is for the relief of pain or tightness. It might also be for sporting related reasons, as either a warm up or post-event treatment.

In addition to these physical related reasons, there are also potential benefits unique to massage therapy. In few other therapeutic relationships does one become completely or partly undressed, with the exception of brief moments at the doctor's office or if you see a dermatologist. There may be some emotional and psychological benefit to letting go and being in someone elses care for a session. Receiving massage can be a strategy for coping with difficult events in life, like after giving birth or moving.

I know as a massage therapist I like to receive massages for myself and be reminded of the benefits it has for my body and life. It relieves tension from usage patterns of everyday existence. It also helps insomnia. Another benefit is a sense of being embodied, self-aware in a physical way as opposed to only mentally.

If you've never received a massage, it can be intimidating at first. You may wonder if your therapist is going to judge you or offer criticisms. It is completely okay to leave clothes on (especially with Thai Yoga Massage), and you don't have to talk to the therapist at all, unless you'd like to.

Get in touch with Bear Pawz Massage Therapy LLC today if it sounds like a good fit for you!

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