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The Mission of Bear Pawz Massage Therapy LLC

Hello! and welcome to the official blog of Bear Pawz Massage Therapy LLC.

My name is James Tien, as you may have read on the website, I graduated from Naropa University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in Traditional Eastern Arts, concentration in Tai Chi Chuan. I started Bear Pawz following the COVID pandemic after completing Massage Therapy training and licensure. I would like to build a business built on humanitarian principles. I believe in the inherent worth of all individuals and their right to choose suitable health care for themselves. In line with the principle of medicine and healing, in a perfect world such actions would be carried out and performed without seeking profit. To balance out the drive for personal profit and an aspiration of social progress, I chose to donate to Colorado's Wild Animal Sanctuary and Wild Animal Refuge.

While seemingly unrelated to massage therapy, health and healing is tied to human environmental impact. The impact of pollution driven by corporate and industrial neglect has driven global warming and non-sustainable development to an increasingly detrimental and difficult to remediate level in the modern world. I know I am not perfect and still benefit from a system desperately in need of remediation on a global scale.

I believe one way to impact change is for business owners to reflect on their social and environmental impact. A collective integrative vision of the affect of large banks, automotive and energy industries, politicians, countries as a whole, and members of belief systems acting in service of the common good of the planet and all species is the next logical step for humanity.

The reason for the Bear and nature theme of my brand is as a reminder of humility and the fact that people are animals too. As the most intelligent species known on the planet at this time, it is critical to be caretakers of the natural world and looking after each-other. No one has ever reached perfection and we are all beautiful miracles. The most healing attitude, as used in axioms of psychology is Unconditional Positive Regard which is why we have an approach of body positivity and embracing a person for who they are without trying to impose a certain model of what they should be. Whoever you are, and however you look, and with whatever background you have come from, I would be honored to be your massage therapist.

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