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Special offers for Volunteers and Active Supporters of The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, CO.

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

As a supporter of The Wild Animal Sanctuary myself, I am deeply inspired by the commitment shown by the volunteers. As you give away so much that the not-for-profit is able to continue running, and the animals able to live their lives out in good hands. As a business, I would love to give back to the volunteers first, as well as the active supporters. I know that life and the duties engaged in at the Sanctuary are physically and mentally taxing, and you too deserve a break and respect. Your body can use the relief for all you give so tirelessly.

I would like to give every volunteer 25% off per session, with unlimited uses.

For those of you who are Active Supporters, I want to offer a coupon of 25% off per session, with unlimited uses.

This is one way I want to give back to those who have chosen to give their time in service, or their money away to The Wild Animal Sanctuary.

The deal also applies to The Wild Animal Refuge volunteers, same as the Sanctuary Volunteers, and The Refuge founders, same as the Sanctuary Active Supporters.

I am located in Aurora, CO, but I also do house-calls. I do hope this offer reaches those volunteers and donors in need so that I have a chance to give back to you!

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