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Sanitation, COVID-19 protocols, and vaccination status

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

As the owner of Bear Pawz Massage Therapy LLC, I am happy to inform you of my vaccinated status. I have received two shots of Moderna, NIAID vaccine, and one dose of the booster as of January 2022. I clean and disinfect massage tables and chairs for each client, and use linens once per person before laundering, and pawz are always washed thoroughly between clients.

I do not require any client to disclose their vaccine status. If you are experiencing symptoms please cancel your appointment and reschedule after symptoms have subsided. As the sole practitioner I will also cancel your appointment if I notice any symptoms of a contagious infection.

I can perform your massage while you or I, or both of us, wear a mask if that is preferred. I intend to uphold any regulations regarding the changing public health situation as needed, and continue to follow guidelines and precautions in the event they are recommended.

Bear Pawz Massage Therapy LLC believes in a complementary approach of integrated Western and Alternative models, as opposed to one that rejects all Alternative approaches, or rejects all Allopathic approaches. More on that later will be coming on this blog.

Happy June and Pride Month to all!

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