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Now offering Traditional Thai Massage

Bear Pawz Massage Therapy LLC is pleased to bring you our new service, Traditional Thai Massage. Traditional Thai Massage takes place on the floor with padding. It is sometimes called the lazy man's yoga. Basically, the recipient simply has to lie down while the practitioner mobilizes the body into various stretches and postures. It is a wonderful relaxing feeling to do almost nothing, while someone else mobilizes your joints. Allowing you to fully let go while having your body parts become like dead weights. It also does not require any undressing or draping, your modesty is preserved the whole time.

Thai Massage can make an excellent addition to your Yoga practice, using Traditional Thai Medicinal theory, involving the energy lines traditionally known as "Sen". Similar to Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, it has its own theory of classical elements composing a person, and how to bring them into balance.

The postures used in a Thai Massage are themselves resembling of Yoga Asanas. I would recommend Traditional Thai Massage for increasing flexibility and finding your bodies true range of motion. It could be a great way to rehabilitate and open stressed joints that often remain locked. Or it may simply be a good way to receive a different kind of massage with a more Eastern focus involving energy theories. I will also include Thai Herbal Compresses with your Thai Massage, bringing heat to the body before stretching.

If you are interested in receiving a

get in touch soon, and remember to wear loose, flexible clothing.

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