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Body Positivity and Massage Therapy

When I had the idea to start Bear Pawz Massage Therapy LLC, I knew I wanted to go in my own direction. To offer massage therapy in an atmosphere that is proud of inclusivity, not just in matters of discrimination related to race, sex, or sexual orientation, but also among people of any body type. The attitude of body positivity is a counter to unrealistic portrayals of human physique that are frequently found in advertisement, movies, television, and more. The embarrassment and shame it may cause people to acquire at a young age, leading to an avoidance of beaches, pools, gyms, saunas, or anywhere with locker rooms.

These disproportionate, exaggerated depictions of models can lead to development of eating disorders, anorexia, body dysmorphia, and depression. While the first association to body positivity might seem in reference to people who are heavy set or carry extra fat the attitude of body positivity can also apply to other ways people may feel they don't look "right" or "good enough". Perhaps being especially thin, or not muscular enough. Maybe its someones wrinkles or their aging skin. Some other birth mark or scar that makes them shy to be seen. A physical or mental handicap, or simply anything about one's personality they think makes them weird or unaccepted. It might be someones perceived dysphoria about the gender or sex they show up as, and whether they hold up to those expected roles. It could also be someone considering a sex change operation, actively going through one, or that has already completed a transition. It also doesn't exclude those who feel like they already have the shape and appearance they love having and being. Whichever direction your journey is going I seek to offer you an entirely respectful massage service that leaves you feeling whole, cared for, assured, beautiful and seen.

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