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As a client, am I being judged?

If you're anything like me, you may have been curious about wanting to try massage therapy for a long time, but may have hesitated due to a hangup about body-image or personal lifestyle choice. I can assure you, as a massage therapy practitioner my role is not judging your body or your choices. I understand how the environment can seem to give constant negative feedback to people who are heavy set or plus-sized, especially from health-care perspectives.

Beyond merely accepting your body, I want you to leave feeling positive about your size and appearance!

I want to make clear how my work is different from an exercise coach, personal trainer, or nutritionist/diet coach.

My focus is on applying therapeutic touch and massage techniques, for specific areas or broad focus on your whole being. I'm not here to fix you or try to make you better! Its beyond my work, or anyone elses, to tell you how you "should" be.

Instead of just finding a practitioner who approves of you and tolerates your body, I would rather instill self-esteem and help you reach a body image where you find yourself beautiful.

If you are asking for advice on a motion you can do or other lifestyle choice to integrate, I am happy to suggest within the scope of my qualification, but I'm not going to provide such input unrequested.

At Bear Pawz Massage Therapy LLC your comfort and care matters most! Every body deserves to feel beautiful!

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