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All-inclusive pricing for add-ons

Bear Pawz Massage Therapy LLC is committed to offering a great deal on our massage sessions, so I have opted to include all add-ons in the standard pricing for our sessions as of 6/15/2022. While your massage can be specified towards one of the available styles (Thai, Deep Tissue, Swedish), our recommended style is the Bear Pawz Massage, that combines and customizes a variety of modalities as needed.

The available add-ons that are included:

- Aromatherapy

- Cupping

- IASTM/Gua Sha (Scraping)

- Hot Stones

- Acupressure Pen

- Theragun Elite

- Hot or Cold Towels

Our all-inclusive price comes out to

$80 an Hour


$110 for 90 Minutes

For all massage treatments and add-ons!

We hope to offer package deals on multiple sessions in the upcoming weeks, stay posted!

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