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Add-on pricing (updated)

Bear Pawz Massage Therapy LLC is committed to offering a great deal on our massage sessions.

While your massage can be specified towards one of the available styles (Thai, Deep Tissue, Swedish), our recommended style is the Bear Pawz Massage, that combines and customizes a variety of modalities as needed.

The add-ons that can be included at no extra charge:

- Aromatherapy (Essential oils)

- Acupressure Pen

- Theragun Elite

- Hot Herbal Compresses (Thai)

Our all-inclusive price comes out to

$80 an Hour


$110 for 90 Minutes

For all massage treatments and add-ons! (except Traditional Thai)

We hope to offer package deals on multiple sessions in the upcoming weeks, stay posted!

EDIT: As of 5/10/2023, the following add-ons now incur an extra charge

Cupping ($10)

Gua Sha/IASTM ($15)

Hot Stones ($20)

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