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Every Body Deserves Care

Bear Pawz MT Logo_outline.png

Bear Pawz Massage Therapy LLC is your trusted provider for body positive massage therapy services. All bodies, including those that are bigger, deserve the benefits of a trained massage professional.


Take a vacation from the fast-paced modern world and give yourself a break, experience compassionate touch and massage therapy as suited to your individual nature.


Let Bear Pawz give you the comfort you deserve. No matter what shape you're in, or however well you already feel, everyone deserves some extra care and attention.

Massage Therapy

Book a massage session!

Available now for up to 2 hours.

Check out all our offerings on the appointments page. Pricing is inclusive for all add-ons.

Craniosacral Therapy

We are starting to offer Craniosacral Therapy treatments. If you are interested in experiencing this gentle modality, request to book.

Learn Tai Chi

Inquire with us about learning Tai Chi for self-care. The space is ready, and we are looking for participants.

Mobile Massage Requests

Bear Pawz is taking mobile massage requests. Our service area is focused on Aurora, CO. Requests for farther away may also be considered. Let us know what you need.


Our Office Location:

2323 South Troy St, Suite 3-108


Aurora, CO 80014

Telephone: 720-603-1925

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